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Welcome to Where's Sharon!

This family travel blog is about an Australian family - Sharon, J, S and Z - who love to travel. It is our passion. We love it so much that we want you to do it too! We hope that by sharing all our experiences and best tips and tricks here that you can also follow your travel dreams and travel smarter, cheaper and better with kids. Read more about us.
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Recent Articles

The Quick Guide to How to Survive & Things to Do in Mandalay

Mandalay.That word has always sounded so exotic and mysterious to me. Even before I knew anything...

2 Comments / Mar 05, 2015

Navigating the new KLIA2 and staying in the Tune Hotel KLIA2

As fans of bargain air fares, we have visited the old KL LCCT (Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal) a...

5 Comments / Feb 28, 2015

The drama of travelling from Penang to Krabi

Last week we had the unfortunate experience of having to travel overland from Penang to Thailand. I say unfortunate...

8 Comments / Feb 23, 2015

Road Trip USA

The awesomeness and the disappointment of our Deep South road trip

I would by lying if I said our Deep South road trip was anything but brilliant. Big amazing cities such...

39 Comments / Sep 09, 2014

Our five best things to do in Charleston

After leaving Columbia, we were excited to arrive in the fabulous city of Charleston, one of the places...

7 Comments / Jun 08, 2014

The fabulous adventure of driving from New Orleans to Atlanta

The second section of our Road Trip USA Deep South Tour was our fabulous journey from New Orleans to Atlanta. ...

10 Comments / Mar 23, 2014

Travelling Australia

Top 10 things to do in Hobart with kids

Australia's southern most city can often be ignored by foreign visitors who rush between the hot spots...

5 Comments / Jan 03, 2015

Things to do in Melbourne: Melbourne family attractions

Our home city of Melbourne is a fabulous city for family travel as there are many things to do in Melbourne...

14 Comments / Oct 18, 2014

The awesome experience of visiting Uluru in a day

Have you ever wanted to visit Uluru?  The mammoth rock in the middle of Australia surrounded by endless...

12 Comments / May 08, 2014