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This family travel blog is about an Australian family - Sharon, Joshua, S and Z - who love to travel. It is our passion. This site follows our experiences of travelling with young kids - the good, the bad and the (hopefully not too) ugly! We hope that by sharing this with you here, that we might inspire and motivate you to get out and explore the world yourself whatever your family situation. Read more about us.
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Help us plan Japan!

Our move to somewhere in Asia throws up lots of opportunities - Like going to other places in Asia given...

0 Comment / Sep 17, 2014

The excellent experience of driving from Atlanta to Miami

Our third and final section of our Road Trip USA Deep South Tour was driving from Atlanta to Miami...

7 Comments / Sep 14, 2014

The awesomeness and the disappointment of our Deep South road trip

I would by lying if I said our Deep South road trip was anything but brilliant. Big amazing cities such...

25 Comments / Sep 09, 2014

Road Trip USA

Exploring attractions in historic St Augustine with kids

I hadn't heard of St Augustine until I started researching stops for our Deep South road trip.  It is a shame...

10 Comments / Jun 22, 2014

A gorgeous Savannah stopover

I have always wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia.  I didn't actually know anything about Savannah, but I imagined...

8 Comments / Jun 12, 2014

Our five best things to do in Charleston

After leaving Columbia, we were excited to arrive in the fabulous city of Charleston, one of the places...

7 Comments / Jun 08, 2014

Caribbean Adventures

Haiti side trip: The Citadel and Sans Souci Palace

There are two big attractions in this part of the world - the UNESCO listed Citadel and Sans Souci Palace. ...

9 Comments / Jul 09, 2014

Caribbean cruise: Things to do in the US Virgin Islands in a day

Our first stop on our Carnival Cruise was on the island of St Thomas on the US Virgin Islands. It was our second...

4 Comments / May 13, 2014

Caribbean cruise: Cruising with babies and toddlers

Having taken two cruises previously, I always imagined that a cruise would be an excellent family activity. ...

9 Comments / Apr 17, 2014

Top Travel Experiences

The amazing experience of attending a cricket test match in the West Indies

This week's Flashback Friday post is about the amazing experience of attending a cricket test match in the West...

9 Comments / Mar 06, 2014

My Liverpool pilgrimage for International Beatles Week

As you may know from my experiences working in a Scottish pub, I am a big Beatles' fan.  A huge one to be precise. ...

31 Comments / Jan 23, 2014

A happy victim of a Bangkok gem scam

Bangkok is one of my favourite places in the world.  I love the energy, the food, the people, the shopping,...

33 Comments / Oct 25, 2013