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This family travel blog is about an Australian family - Sharon, Joshua, S and Z - who love to travel. It is our passion. This site follows our experiences of travelling with young kids - the good, the bad and the (hopefully not too) ugly! We hope that by sharing this with you here, that we might inspire and motivate you to get out and explore the world yourself whatever your family situation. Read more about us.
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Caribbean Cruise: Cruising with babies and toddlers

Having taken two cruises previously, I always imagined that a cruise would be an excellent family activity. ...

4 Comments / Apr 17, 2014

Caribbean Cruise: Stopover on the British Virgin Islands

Straight after Antigua, our cruise ship headed to the British Virgin Islands. The British Virgin...

10 Comments / Apr 13, 2014

Off the beaten track - travelling through the Guianas part 3

This post is part of a three part series about travelling through the Guianas.  You can also read part...

4 Comments / Apr 10, 2014

Road Trip USA

The fabulous adventure of driving from New Orleans to Atlanta

The second section of our Road Trip USA Deep South Tour was our fabulous journey from New Orleans to Atlanta. ...

10 Comments / Mar 23, 2014

A disappointing visit to Atlanta in the rain

We had been looking forward to Atlanta.  It was one of two places, along with New Orleans, that we knew...

6 Comments / Mar 13, 2014

Things to do in Chattanooga in a day with kids

After visiting the random unclaimed baggage center in Alabama, our next stop was the awesomely named...

16 Comments / Feb 27, 2014

An awesome visit to the Chattanooga Children's Creative Discovery Museum

S and I headed back to downtown Chattanooga to visit the Children's Creative Discovery Museum when Z went...

1 Comment / Feb 16, 2014

Cheap motel chains on our USA road trip

We were on a strict budget for our USA road trip of the Deep South which meant we tried lots of budget...

21 Comments / Feb 13, 2014

A typical day on our Deep South road trip

I have posted a lot about our Deep South road trip so far, but I have mostly focused on destinations...

13 Comments / Jan 30, 2014

Caribbean Adventures

Caribbean cruise: Things to do in Antigua in a day

Antigua is one of those places that I only seem to hear about when I watch the Commonwealth Games opening...

7 Comments / Mar 30, 2014

Should I visit Cabarete or Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic?

This was the questions I asked myself when I was booking our trip to the Dominican Republic.  Both Las Terrenas...

5 Comments / Mar 09, 2014

Exploring Puerto Plata with kids

Since we have three weeks in Cabarete on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, we decided some...

25 Comments / Jan 16, 2014

Top Travel Experiences

Off the beaten track - travelling through the Guianas part 1

Have you heard of the Guianas?  Do you know where they are?  Would you like to go there? Hopefully,...

11 Comments / Mar 20, 2014

The amazing experience of attending a cricket test match in the West Indies

This week's Flashback Friday post is about the amazing experience of attending a cricket test match in the West...

9 Comments / Mar 06, 2014

The fabulous White Night Melbourne

I've decided to take a break from blogging about our awesome US and Caribbean family trip to write about...

13 Comments / Feb 23, 2014