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We are an Australian family - Sharon, Josh, S, Z and baby J - who love to travel. We want you to travel too!

We hope that by sharing our experiences, tips and tricks that you can also follow your dreams and travel smarter, cheaper and better with kids.

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5 Reasons to Travel the World with Baby

When Abbie Ginther from Grumbling Grace showed me this article about reasons to travel the world with...

9 Comments / Jul 10, 2016

Our Bucket List - Where you can expect to see us travel soon!

It may surprise you to learn that this is the first time I have created a travel bucket list. I have...

14 Comments / Jul 03, 2016

Welcome to Baby J!

If you have been following our adventures then you know that we have just started a new adventure - being...

22 Comments / Jun 14, 2016

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